BA in Applied Psychology

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If you have an interest in psychology and want to earn your degree, the B.A. in Applied Psychology program is for you. You'll come out prepared for careers in human services or other fields. This is also a great program for those wishing to pursue a graduate degree in the future.  

Some of the questions (and answers) you'll discuss include:

- What theories can help us understand what's happening in a family or organization?

- What processes and methods can improve the attitudes and behavior of people in those settings?

- How do demographic factors and other trends influence behavior?

  • PROGRAMME: Βachelor of Arts Α in Applied Psychology  
    Duration of studies: 4 years
    Modules per year / per trimester

  • Electives (Choose 6)

    Code Module Title Credits
    PSY 321 Race and Ethics Issues in the United States 5
    PSY 322 Forensic Psychology 5
    PSY 323 Health Issues in Aging 5
    PSY 415 Psychology of Adolescents 5
    PSY 416 Psychology of Gender 5
    PSY 417 Grief and Loss 5
    PSY 418 Psychology of Substance Abuse 5
    PSY 419 Ecological Psychology 5
    PSY 420 Health Psychology 5
    PSY 421 Interviewing and Counseling Skills 5
    PSY 422 Child Psychology 5
    PSY 423 Psychological of Testing and Assessment 5
    PSY 497 Special Populations' Practicum 5
    SOC 318 Gerontology  5
    SOC 319 Criminal Behavior 5
    SOC 320 Juvenile Delinquency 5
  • Our undergraduate degree programs are open to applicants who:

    1. Are at least 18 years old
    2. Have a high school diploma (or equivalent)
    3. Demonstrate a college-level proficiency in English.

    If you began your academic career at another college or university, you're welcome to get your degree at CityU. We'll work with you to get your transcripts, evaluate the coursework you completed, and discuss how it applies to our programs.

How to Apply
APPLY NOW For more information: Contact us at: Tel. 210 3243 222 or e-mail us at: or apply now