The Opportunities at CITY UNITY COLLEGE, Athens, Greece

The themes, disciplines, and interests that are integral to City Unity College's (CUC's) Study Abroad programs are as diverse as they are timely and timeless. CUC affords partner institutions, as well as students who individually seek out our Study Abroad program, with the opportunity to tailor their experience in Athens and the Eastern Mediterranean to achieve goals and engage in learning activities that are both self-designed and life-transforming.

Over the past decade, CUC's faculty, staff, and consulting scholars and guides have dedicated their talents and energies to the development and continuous upgrading of three distinct Study Abroad options: (1) The Faculty-led Study Abroad Experience; (2) A Partner Institution Study Abroad Program; and (3) an Individualized Student Study Abroad Experience.

Starting Dates: March 27, 2013 - June 21, 2013


The SIGNATURE Programs of City Unity College are uniquely designed courses of study for U.S. and international students. For these Programs, CUC takes full advantage of our institutional strengths, expertise, and resources, as well as the magnificent learning laboratory endowed by the City of Athens and its environs. As a consequence, the SIGNATURE Programs provision students with a preparation and with new cultural perspectives that inform and even transform their lives and ambitions for the future.

City Unity College presently offers two SIGNATURE Programs, each distinguished by a focus on the strengths and opportunities that CUC possesses and for which it is well positioned to respond to and serve the unique market needs of American and other international students. These Programs are: (1) Top-up - an Athens-based "living and learning" experience for advanced high school senior and college-age students preparing to enter or re-enter competitive U.S. institutions of higher education, and (2) HOST - an intensive professional preparatory program for recent college and university graduates interested in entering management in the thriving global hospitality and hotel industry. Currently the College is in the process of creating a third SIGNATURE Program: The MBA in Maritime Management - offering the professional degree in the business arena recognized worldwide as the "gold standard", this American accredited degree concentrates on one of the defining industries of Greece: shipping.